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BigHoller offers a complete restaurant app solution with a powerful set of marketing tools.

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Be proud of your restaurant app

Imagine the possibilities. Existing customers order more frequently. New customers become loyal fans. People you don't know become customers.

It all starts with your restaurant app.

Your Restaurant App:

Bursting with features, we have built an app experience that your customers will love.

  • We Set the Table: We will design and launch your app before we hand over the controls to you.
  • Fully Branded: Your images, your story, your information.
  • Your Menus: Rarely do you see menus in other apps. We also serve up your menu images.
  • You Have Options: Loyalty Progam, Driving directions, Ratings, Social Media, and Reviews.
  • Online Ordering: With unlimited choices, serve up your food the way you want to.

Make it Easy for Them to Order

Online Ordering, front and center. Repeat orders, new orders. We make it easy.

Online Ordering:

Your choices abound. There are many options you can offer your customers.

  • BigHoller's Signature Online Ordering: Choose BigHoller's system. We have been processing online orders since 2004.
  • Third Party: Already use a different online ordering system and don't want to switch? No problem. We can link to all online ordering systems.
  • Multiple Links: We can link everyone. Uber Eats, GrubhHub, Doordash, Skip The Dishes. You name it.
  • Multiple Menu Links: Order Lunch. Order Catering. Order Sunday Special. However you define it.

Grab their attention and keep it

Restaurant apps are quickly becoming the new face of your business. We help you put your best "food" forward.

Social Media Essentials:

We put together an essentials packages that includes everyting you need, without bursting your budget.

  • Google My Business: Top search engine where people review ratings and basic restaurant information. What are our customers seeing?
  • Facebook: 49 percent of people search Facebook to find restaurants.
  • Instagram: Instagram is the number one social media app for engagement with restaurant brands.
  • Twitter: Compared to other industries on Twitter, Twitter users have the highest engagement with restaurants.

Ready to make your big impact? We are.

Look around. There is no one offering our products and services at such a high level.

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