BigHoller Credit Card Processing

Only read this if you are using BigHoller's Online Ordering.

By choosing BigHoller Signature Online Ordering, you won't be tied to one processor. We support a wide variety of payment solutions, giving you the freedom to choose.

Preferred Choice

Global Payments Integrated is our preferred choice for credit card processing.

By offering streamlined payment solutions integrated through the BigHoller app, you’ll be able to get paid faster, save time and boost your business’s revenue.

  • Seamless Integration: All transactions are fully integrated within your BigHoller solution.
  • Competitive Rates: They’ll work with you to ensure you receive a competitive rate structure.
  • Card-On-File: Securely store card data so your customers can check out quickly and easily every time they place an order.
  • Advanced Security: Protect customer data and help prevent fraud with encryption and tokenization.
  • Award-Winning Customer Service: Rely on their award-winning phone support, recognized by a global consumer insights leader.

Merchant of Your Choice

Bundle the merchant of your choice with Authorize.Net

  • Through the Authorize.Net gateway, we can communicate with almost any merchant you choose.

FIS Global WorldPay